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Candidate for the position of Vice President Education

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Savvina Kritharidou

Your Voice For Education

Hi I’m Savvina and I’m standing to be your next VP Education.

I was until recently an undergraduate student at Strathclyde and then continued as a postgraduate. What does that mean? That I’ve had experience and know the issues that can affect both undergraduates and postgraduates and will aim to respond to them as best as possible.

I’ll be focused to:

  • Listen to student feedback, from any students, class reps or faculty reps, organise drop-ins, and represent the student voice in University Committees to bring action
  • Support the recording of lectures for those not able to attend in-person or online classes
  • Suggest the examination of the current ‘Assessment and Feedback’ policies
  • Host virtual or in-person Career Days for students
  • Aim, if appropriate to organise events, activities or trips to make up for the time missed this year for students.

My experience:

  • I was the previous Business Faculty Student Rep, representing all business students, acting especially at the challenging times when university first moved online, and gave feedback for the No-Detriment policy.
  • I communicated with department reps and contributed in committees such as: Student Experience Committee, Faculty Academic Committee, University Senate and more.
  • I was a committee member where I organised employability events for all students, such as: STEM Networking event, Women in Business panel event and more, providing valuable insights.
  • I was also a student rep for multiple classes and always found ways to volunteer and contribute to the student community.