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Candidate for the position of International Students' Rep

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Zhun Tang

If you want right, vote for right!

Hey, I am Zhun, a 4th-year Accounting and Finance student. I am a reasonably polite, dedicated, social, and ambitious individual dedicated to helping the world as much as possible. I have been actively involved in a wide range of voluntary work and was awarded Top Ten Volunteers of the Year (2019) and Volunteer of the Year (2020) by Strathclyde Student Union. 

As a Chinese student studying abroad, I have been dedicated to making international/ Chinese students' voices heard by as many people as possible. It always takes quite a while for someone to fit in an exotic environment properly. Therefore, I have been extremely keen on holding various cultural events, communicating with people from different backgrounds, collaborating with diverse societies, etc. Whenever hearing students with different backgrounds saying, "Thank you so much Zhun, for letting me feel like being home again!" I feel rather blissful!

With my passion, commitment, people skills, etc., international students' rights will be more valued, and the world can better embrace their cultures. I will also list some voluntary roles I have taken as follows.

  • Chinese Teacher, Glasgow Chinese School (09/2017 - Present)
  • Vice President, Strathclyde Chinese Students and Scholars Association (04/2019 - Present)
  • Department Rep of Accounting and Finance, University of Strathclyde (09/2019 - Present) 
  • Language Partner Volunteer, Confucius Institute for Scotland's Schools (01/2020 - Present)
  • Editor-in-chief, UK's Chinese Arts and Culture Centre (08/2020 - Present)
  • President, Strathclyde Piano Society (03/2018 - 06/2019)
  • Residence Life Assistant, University of Strathclyde (09/2018 - 06/2019)