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Candidate for the position of LGBT+ Rep

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Ailidh Hamilton

Equality and inclusivity shouldn’t be optional

Hi, my name is Ailidh Hamilton and I am a second year business student. My pronouns are she/her and I am very passionate about trying to make your campus a more inclusive space for all.


If elected I will:

  • Campaign the university to introduce policy to ensure the use of gender inclusive language across the university. The aim would be for this to include all lecture and course material as well as all communications from the campus to staff and students.
  • Continue the amazing work of this year’s team to try and pass the “mind your own business” policy, that allows students to access any bathrooms that align with their gender identity without harassment.
  • Push to see sanitary products put in every bathroom across campus.
  • Campaign for an anti-LGBT+ harassment policy to ensure all LGBT+ students feel safe everywhere on campus.