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Candidate for the position of Faculty Rep Engineering

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Sophie Gwynne

Re-Elect Sophie!!



Over the last year as your faculty rep, I have worked on a number of key issues. I was part of the working group which got rid of graduation fees at Strathclyde giving all of you a little extra cash to celebrate your big day with! 


The year before I helped to change the university's policy on late submissions. I have been working with our faculty to help fine tune this since this came into effect.


I have been to a number of meetings with the university and have made sure our voice is heard. This is something I'm keen to keep doing because our faculty is usually quite receptive to student opinions.


If you re-elect me this year, I'd like to work on improving our facilities in the student zone. This area is widely used by a lot of us yet the facilities are poor and we need more space! I'd also like to work on getting some more faculty wide workshops running to give us experience of working with other types of engineers!


- Sophie :)