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Candidate for the position of NUS Scotland Conference Delegate

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Kyle Scott

For an effective and campaigning NUS!

The National Union of Students have consistently supported students in their struggle and represented us at the highest levels. Now, NUS is in a critical period of reflection and it is vital that it remains a campaigning and supportive Union of Students. 

As a delegate to NUS Scotland conference: 

  • I will oppose any motions that lead to cuts to our diversity campaigns. 
  • I will vote for motions that advocate for improved student support systems across Scotland. 
  • I will campaign with fellow delegates to ensure that NUS Scotland is not at the receiving end of unwarranted budget cuts. 
  • I will work with fellow delegates to ensure that motions in interest of Strathclyde students are passed. 
  • And should such a motion be brought to conference, I will vote for the Scottish National Union of Students to become an independent organisation.