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Candidate for the position of NUS UK Conference Delegate

Talha S Mohammad

Hey guys, my name is Talha Mohammad and I am excited to announce that I am running for NUS Delegate. I am a second year Software Engineering student. I want to represent Strathclyde at NUS national conference. I WANT to represent YOU and uphold the voice of Strathclyde on a national level.

Vote Talha Mohammad #1 for NUS delegate.


Opposing PREVENT:  The ‘PREVENT’ strategy has led to state censorship and routine racial profiling of Muslim students on our campuses. I will support initiatives to oppose it.

Free Education: It is crucial that NUS continues to fight for the scrapping of fees and reinstatement of maintenance grants.

Supporting international students: campaigning for the extension of the post-study work visa. I will push for the NUS to increase awareness of obstacles international student face and support international students via various campaigns.