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Candidate for the position of Vice President Community

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Benn Rapson

Bolder Policies! Stronger Communities!

I’m running for VP-Community with a slate of Bold Policies to ensure Stronger Communities. I’m a fighter - who is willing to stand up for your needs - challenging the University where necessary.

Grant me your 1st Preference Vote to deliver these transformative policies:

For Our Amazing Clubs and Societies:

  • Launch a “C&S Review”, to better understand your needs.

  • Fix the *dreaded* Union website and get it up to the standard you deserve.

  • Negotiate earlier Saturday Opening Hours for the Union, for groups who require it.

  • Ensure a seamless room booking process - no more double bookings!

  • Overhaul our C&S Framework, providing tailored support, by recategorising into:

    • Networks (for Liberation Societies)

    • Associations (for larger Representative Societies such as the MSA)

    • Clubs and Societies

For those Rocking the Halls Life:

  • Pursue Student Owned Halls - providing high quality rooms at significantly reduced rates.

  • Explore the establishment of an affordable Student Owned Supermarket in the Student Village.

  • Ensure Safer Communities in Halls with seamless, confidential, issue reporting.

For our Mature and Post-Graduate Students:

  • Establish talks between the MSA, Strath Union and the University on the long term location and resource requirements of the MSA.

  • Negotiate later opening hours for Support and Study Skills Services.

  • Pursue a better workload balance for PhD Students.

  • Ensure a good working relationship with the UCU.

For Every Other Great Strathclyder:

  • Challenge the University to increase Mental Health Support.

  • Continue the “Divestment Campaign” - while also pursuing a nationwide campaign with other Student Unions nationally.

  • And more ;)