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Candidate for the position of Democracy Convenor

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Lewis McDermott

Making Student Parliament YOUR Parliament

Voting Lewis McDermott for DC is voting for accountability, voting for accessibility, and voting for growth. Making Student Parliament, YOUR Parliament.


          I will work with parliament and the wider student body to draft a number of constitutional amendments and motions to ensure that the constitution and schedules are as clear and as solid as possible – with no exploitable loopholes, no conflicting articles, and no un-precedented acts taking place within parliament.

          I will be ACTIVELY engaging with and monitoring the democratic processes within the union to ensure that any and all issues of accountability are identified and resolved BEFORE they become serious – making a fairer and more clearly accountable union for you.


          I will work with students to develop an accessible and engaging version of the student parliament constitution and supporting documents – ensuring that any and all students can be engaged in the democratic processes of the union.

          To identify any problems AND create new ideas around the parliament’s constitution and supporting documents, I will create a working group to gather information on student’s feelings on how parliament operates – the conclusions of which will help shape the future of the Union’s democratic institutions with the student body in mind.


          I will ensure that parliament is better promoted and more engaging for students, growing the number of attendees at parliament meetings, promoting more policy being proposed, and making parliament a more effective platform.