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Candidate for the position of Vice President Sport

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Maddy Watson

A Wild Year with Watson

Hi there, I'm Maddy and I'm standing for Vice President of Sport.

Many of you will already know me as the current Vice President of the sports union or previously as the Events Officer. I've been responsible for some of the biggest nights out of the year including the bus crawl, Captain's Dinner and the first ever sports union "Blind Dates."

In addition to this I've held mutilple committee roles within my own sports clubs of running and horse riding, including club captain, treasurer, secretary and social media officer.

I've been extremely involved in the running of the sports union for the past two years, contributing to important matters such as the re-structure of the sports executive committee and sports union independance.

I'm a current 4th year politics student and want to contribute to the development of the sports union before I have to leave (sad reacts only pls).

If elected I will:

  • Increase the profile of Strathclyde Sports Union within Glasgow through social media and weekly results round ups to facilitate better sponsorship and support from local businesses.
  • Provide more skill based courses such as first aid, mental health first aid, concussion awareness and midas tests.
  • Work together with Nourish to cultivate a relationship in which Nourish will sponsor sports clubs and sports union events.
  • £3 meal deals from Nourish.
  • Restructure the clubmark system to become more practicality based rather than just paperwork.

If this sounds good to you, I'd love to have your vote and let's have a wild year with Watson!!