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Candidate for the position of President

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Matt Crilly

A modern, democratic Union

What I achieved and secured this year: 

  • Abolished graduation fees.
  • £125,000 hardship and participation funding
  • Free rooms in halls for those fleeing home or homelessness.
  • £100,000 mental health support.
  • Helped get library expansion.
  • Free taxi scheme for Union staff.
  • £1.3 million for students!

What I want to achieve next year:

A modern, democratic Union: 

  • More direct, online democracy. 
  • Building relationships with other Unions to protect our students. 
  • Online platform for advertising and finding flats.
  • Digital room-booking for clubs & socs. 
  • Live gigs in the Union. 
  • Campaigning for equality, against all forms of discrimination. 
  • Union printshop.
  • Support for MSA and SUMSA.
  • Subsidised trips for international students to travel Scotland.

A supportive university

  • Assessment policies which recognise mental health, homelessness, caring and home office requirements. 
  • Emboldened report and support to protect students from harrassment on campus.
  • Tackle counselling waiting times. 
  • £2 nightbus. 
  • Expand and map out microwaves and kettles on campus. 
  • Wednesday afternoons free!
  • Revolutionise Nourish! Cheaper, more options and fresh memes. 

A strong education

  • New policy to stop exam bunching. 
  • Ensure 3-week assignment turnaround by hiring more staff.
  • Mandated online submissions for regular essay assignments.
  • Skills hub. 
  • Lecture recording for students facing personal difficulties. 
  • Opt-out option of groupwork for final year students. 
  • Opposition to rising fees.
  • More paid internships.