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Candidate for the position of Vice President Inclusion

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Nothando Thwala

#StrongerTogether #Nothando4VPInclusion

Hi there,

I’m Nothando, a MSc Electrical and Electronics Engineering student, and I want your voice to be heard.

I’m standing for VP Inclusion because, I believe we all have a voice and we all deserved to be heard, whether we are disabled, Muslim, African, Asian, European, International, mature, trans, queer or non-binary. All our voices matter!

Inclusion and diversity to me means embracing and celebrating our differences, for they make us great and colourful. As a feminist, I am passionate about equality, inclusivity, and my work will thrive to recognise intersectionality and sensitivity to the diverse experiences of ALL #Strathclyders

My experiences as an International student and as a Managing Director of #WomenInEngineeringEswatini, has opened my eyes to the struggles that different marginalised individuals face, and I want to ensure that the university is a more open and inclusive space for all.

If elected I will work on:

  • International Diversity fair and Culture week
  • Black and Minority History Month celebrations
  • Anti-racism, report hate crime campaign
  • Mental health talks on wellness, anxiety and depression
  • Leadership workshops for marginalised groups
  • Inclusivity trainings for clubs and societies
  • Ensure liberation officers receive training
  • Diverse entertainment program at the union


My Approach:

  • I will listen to you:
    • Host a monthly Coffee Break and hear your concerns


  • I will speak on your behalf:
    • Report concerns and discriminations
    • Engage with external organisations for expert advice and services


  • I will keep stakeholders accountable for your needs:
    • University Diversity Review (room for improvement?)