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Candidate for the position of Faculty Rep Engineering

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Emma Johnston

Vote for me to improve the engineering community

Hi, I’m Emma, a 4th year Aero-Mechanical student. I am heavily involved with the faculty as a student rep, founding member of the IET on Campus group and member of the EME Society and Hyper loop team. I am confident in voicing concerns and believe that being organised, approachable and invested in student experience marks me as a suitable candidate.
I would like to improve the following areas:

  • Feedback. A recurring issue is insufficient feedback post-exam. The introduction of Student Voice has helped to ease concerns around course delivery but I believe more could be done around assessment. Through effective communication with student reps, increasing the response rate of student voice can be achieved which means we can demand comprehensive feedback from lecturers.
  • Sense of Community. Despite Strathy Engineering topping graduate employment tables, we are lacking when it comes to community spirit in the engineering department! “Meet MAE” was introduced in my own department to combat this; I endeavour to roll out similar events faculty wide. Other ideas include collaborative workshops on topics like public speaking or coding.
  • Flexibility. I think the Faculty has a duty to enable students who are presented with education-enhancing opportunities, such as attending conferences or organising outreach events to be able to take these up where reasonably possible.

Making progress in these areas would certainly be achievable for me; I already have a wide network within the faculty and positive relationships with many staff members.
Vote for me to improve the Strathclyde Engineering Community!