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Guidance and support


Candidate for the position of Vice President Education

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Eyram Selasie Ahadzie

Vote EYRAM &  Re-elect  EYRAM #1 For VP Education


Hello, Eyram here, your current Vice President Education studying MSc Education studies.

My priorities for students: #StudentSupport: 

  • Putting teaching and learning at the heart of the institution with more project-based learning.

  • Provide better assessment and feedback practices

  • Student mental health and wellbeing.

  • Campaigning for red card access for all students.

  • A liberated and accessible education for all with no hidden costs.

  •  Making sure that the new learning and teaching building is accessible and fit for students use.

  • Improved training and support for class and faculty reps.

  • Postgraduate provisions for students

  • Boosting students’ employability by expanding the current job shop.

  • Implementation of Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) so you can have volunteer hours recognized in addition to your transcript.

  •  Specific study skills workshops for freshers and International students

  • Implement the terms of Student Partnership Agreement

  • Improve support for student parents and carers



  • Supported students on various issues such as course structure and content, grades delays and lack of feedback on course work.

  • Working with the university to develop an employability strategy for Strathclyde University.

  • Organised and facilitated the international student induction within the union.

  • Worked closely with colleagues on eliminating graduation costs, language classes for all, late submissions policy and post-study work visa.

  • Advocated for students interests at conferences, university committees and through the Quality Assurance Agency.


For the best Educational Experience at Strathclyde – Vote EYRAM #1 For VP Education -  Re-elect  EYRAM #1 For VP Education