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Candidate for the position of Democracy Convenor

Image for Savvina Kritharidou

Savvina Kritharidou

I have a say, you should too.

What I’ll be doing

  • Making sure the opinions of students are heard and taken into consideration
  • Engaging more students into being involved with decisions that affect them
  • Making sure any new policy submission is heard, debated and then voted for or against in the student parliament
  • Questioning and asking for more opinions, then supporting or not based on student feedback
  • Making sure student representatives are following their roles

Why I am fit for this role

  • I’m actively involved with the union and students
  • I’ve been getting updated on the latest notions to be brought up by the union by attending the Student Parliament and the Education Committee, where I take part in the democratic procedures
  • I’m very interested with everything that affects students’ life and I give my feedback on every chance to the student executives (eg. campus development, deadlines and more)
  • I’ve been a class rep multiple times and I’ve been making sure students’ voices are heard by talking with them in person and with small surveys
  • I can handle the paperwork required with this role