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Candidate for the position of Vice President Sport

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Natalie Scobie

Strath Sport doesn’t need balls, sticks or bats, it only needs Nats!

As a 4th year Sport and Physical Activity student at the University of Strathclyde, I understand the importance and need to increase sport participation within the university. Through my degree and work with Active Schools, I have gained experience in promoting sport in local authorities through holding events and organising clubs. This has allowed me to develop the skillset I feel would be essential in promoting sport within the university setting. Additionally, I have been a part of Strathclyde Netball throughout my university experience. By starting in recreational training and developing to be in a team for 2 years now, I understand the importance of recreational clubs and also the opportunities associated with playing competitively on a team.

My main focuses of my year as Sports President would be to:

  • Improve recreational sport and hold more recreational friendlies
  • Host more joint events between sports and enhance club interaction
  • Help teams hire high-standard coaches
  • Ensure inclusion of non-BUCS sports and increase participation
  • Aim for equality and diversity to allow inclusion for all
  • Start ‘club of week’ campaign on social media
  • Support smaller clubs and help source sponsorships

My slogan says it all – ‘Strath Sport doesn’t need sticks, balls or bats, it only needs Nats’. By aiming to achieve the key points stated, I feel the entire Sports Union would benefit having me as its President. It would be an honour to represent your clubs and make a difference within Strathclyde Sports Union. Please vote for me, thank you!! #webleedmaroon