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Candidate for the position of International Students' Rep

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Christine Enowmbi Tambe

To create a positive environment for all international students!

My name is Christine Tambe. I am standing for International Students’ Representative because I believe I have the ideas and dedication that is needed to give international students the representation they deserve. As an International student, in my first year of a PhD in Chemical and Process Engineering, I can fairly say I have observed and personally experienced the challenges faced with moving to and settling in a different country, away from home. I believe a lot more can be done to make this experience better. If elected, I aim to:

  • Ensure the voices of all international students across the campus are heard and taken seriously, by hosting regular international student society meetings for us to raise concerns, share ideas and work together to solve these issues.
  • Increase funding by seeking out new sponsorship opportunities.
  • Liaise with the university to create a solution for international students who cannot provide a guarantor. It is unfair that they are faced with outrageous rent deposits.
  • Strongly oppose plans to double charges for migrants to use the NHS, which will further increase the financial burden on international students.

I would not hesitate to go an extra mile to ensure that the overall experience of international students is positive and unforgettable.

Thank you for reading my manifesto. Feel free to email me at, for a chat and to ask any questions about my ideas. Our strong and diverse international community is what makes the University of Strathclyde special- together let’s keep it that way.