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Candidate for the position of Vice President Welfare

Image for John Ehizogie Agbonrofo

John Ehizogie Agbonrofo

“I Will Go The Extra Mile To Make You Smile More!!!”

Dear Strathclyders, I'm John Agbonrofo still your Vice President Support (Welfare). My ongoing project is creating a more supportive Strathclyde community that looks after your welfare through the SMILE PROJECT I initiated, which is encouraging, informative, supportive and upbeat. 

You will have noticed the successful Smile Project around campus.


  • Opportunities for students to access the most up to date and relevant information and training that met their needs (Personal, Wellbeing, Health (including Mental Health), Housing, Financial, Safety, Academic, Employability, Legal Right).
  • Organised the first ever WELFARE WEEK (three already delivered). The first ever “Share the Love and Share the Smiles Outreach.”
  • Organised the first ever Monthly Birthday Celebrations were we celebrate as one happy family and foster a sense of community in Strathclyde by tackling social isolation.
  • Free First Aid training sessions delivered across campus empowering students with simple skills that save lives.
  • Member of the Student Experience Committee made up of University Staff and StrathUnion colleagues, we collaborated to abolish graduation fees and improve student experience.
  • Collaborated with some members of the executive team towards establishing StrathUnion Jobshop.
  • Other achievements...

With your vote and support, through the SMILE PROJECT we will continue to develop awareness, accessibility and improvement of all our welfare services to provide Financial, Health, Wellbeing, Housing, Safety, Employability, Legal Rights, and Chaplaincy Support for all students.


Vote and Re-Elect John Agbonrofo for Vice President Welfare, let's smile together!


“I Will Go The Extra Mile To Make You Smile  More!!!”


Keep Smiling and Vote John!