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Candidate for the position of Women's Rep

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Zoya Khan

Inclusivity and an open-mind.

Growing up in Scotland but having a different ethnic background has given me the ability to simultaneously experience the conservatism found in both cultures towards women of colour or women who are deemed to be trying to escape the culture of their ethnicity. I do not mention these aspects of my identity to try to link myself to suffering but to try to explain why I feel I am qualified to lead people to and to advocate for women, as someone who has been raised understanding opposing opinions and dichotomies of values I am able to address issues that seem barred to people who don’t live in each other’s scenarios. Having to try to sync up the differences in religious beliefs, geographical cultures, generational ideals, racial experiences and education throughout every aspect of my life has granted me, I think, a mature worldview and understanding as well as a wealth of experience with dissenting influences. I would work closely with the union and the various groups both within and out-with Strathclyde to implement this experience and advocate for women. My aim is inclusivity and an open-mind, nobody would be turned away from my door, and I would always be willing to lend an ear and my efforts to any individual who needs it. Just as I would never shy away from the issues of the individual I am equally comfortable interacting with institutions and would work to implement measures to help protect all women.