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Candidate for the position of Faculty Rep Humanities and Social Sciences

Abayomi Malik Alli

As the Faculty Rep for Humanities and Social Sciences, it will be my aim that not only the views and interests of the students will be represented but also their voices. I will be willing to do anything within my power to make this work as I will make the students satisfaction my primary concern. I am deeply engrossed in helping students and this is evident in my experience in the Student Union. I have served as a mentor for ERASMUS students in order to help them settle into the Strathlife. Also, I’ve worked closely with the present Vice President Support in various areas like the monthly birthday celebrations. I have also served as a class rep and I am confident I will be a great candidate for this role. I will serve as the middle man the faculty needs between class reps, the University staff and the Union.

If you decide to vote for me, you will be choosing someone who is dedicated, focused and committed to improving the lives of not only Humanities and Social Sciences students but all students.