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Candidate for the position of Part Time Students' Rep

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Brendan Agu

  1.     To be a formidable representative and mouthpiece of the power of diversity and inclusiveness.
  2.     To represent and lead with a clear vision, courage and loyalty, and posed with effective communication skills & competency to canvass and promote the concerns of all PTS on campus and beyond.
  3.     To work with every PTS & NUS concerned to help to take the NUS to a higher level.

Moreover, within these past 5 months as PTS rep, I have had successful and productive engagements with some staff and students to explore the best strategies of addressing the concerns of mature & 

PTS across the campus. Presently, I am working on plans to implement a platform for awareness, collaborative and effective communication amongst all PTS.

I have also tapped from the opportunity of attending the last NUS conference at Manchester university (29-Jan-2019) and had direct influence amongst other MPTS reps nationwide on areas including:

  •   Influencing policy for MPTS
  •   Strategies to engage MPTS in study and the union
  •   Support or oppose motion for the best interest of the union and MPTS nationwide.
  •   Policy update and discussed the issues that affect our section; prioritising and influencing the sector (positive impact and inclusion).

Representing our union at such national event was a privilege & the importance of the knowledge and student experience I tapped and brought back to help my role here on campus cannot be over emphasised.