There are loads of myths that stop people running in the elections - here are a few of them debunked! 

  • I can’t run because I’ve not finished my course yet

If you are running for an executive position during your course, you can take a year out of your course to take up the role. If you run for an executive position in your final year, you will then take up the position in the summer after your studies.

The non-executive positions are taken up during studies, as this is a part-time voluntary position.

  • I can’t afford to run a campaign

The Union caps expenditure for campaigns to ensure that all candidates are on a level playing field. Candidates will also have campaigns expenses reimbursed – details of how much this is will be updated following the close of nominations. We can also give you a cash advance – make sure you keep a hold of all of your receipts!

  • I don’t think I can take the time of my course

Campaign can be time consuming – the University are aware of the elections and should be accommodating if you wish to take time off to campaign. We would recommend that you should speak to your lecturers and heads of department about running so you can cover any lectures/seminars that you may miss.

  • I can’t run because I’m an international student

You should be able to extend your visa to cover the full sabbatical term in office. The University's International Student Support Team will be able to provide specific details and can be contacted HERE

  • I don’t have a big campaigns team, so I'll definitely lose

It’s not essential to have a big campaigns team in order to win the election! It all comes down to how well your message resonates with students and how well you plan your campaign.

  • I’m not involved in the Union so I won’t win

Involvement in the Union is not essential to run! Sometimes it’s beneficial not be involved, so you can provide a fresh perspective on student issues that the Union may not be aware of. Successful candidates requires support from across campus, so the more people you talk to the better!

  • I’ve never done a campaign before and I don't know what to do

It’s okay if you haven’t ran a campaign before – we will be hosting workshops to give you some tips and guidance. You can find out more about them HERE.

If you have any other questions, just contact on of the team at

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