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Voter Information

Are you ready for the Elections?

Here are some tips to help you get ready to vote in the Elections and make an informed decision.

  1. Make sure you've shared your data with the Union

    If you log in to vote and it says 'Account not matched', this may mean that you haven't shared your data with us. This can be done by logging into your Pegasus account, going into the 'Personal' tab, then into 'Data'. You will find an option to share your data with the Students' Union.

    This may take up to 3 days to come through, so it's worth checking it out now!

  2. Read the candidates' manifestos.

    Once nominations have been closed, we will share the Candidates Manifestos. These are the pledges and ideas that the candidates are putting forward, which will help inform your vote.

  3. Check out how you can vote for.

    Some positions can only be voted on by people in certain groups. For example, only students in the Business Faculty can vote for the Faculty Rep Business position. Similarly, only women can vote for the Womens' Rep. In order to vote in some of these positions, you need to self-identify into the groups.

    Please follow this guidance on how to do this here.

  4. Remember, you can vote for more than one person!

    We use a single transferable vote system, so you can vote for as many candidates as you like.

  5. Why is there no R.O.N. option in the elections?

    R.O.N. stands for Re-Open Nominations. We have removed R.O.N. from our elections this year, as this is the recommended best practice from across the sector.

Please contact the Democracy team with questions about the Elections.

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