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Decolonial Conversations: The Politics of Pronouns

Join us to explore the role pronouns hold in politics, concepts such as inclusivity, Western societal norms, and the power they grant to (a)gender diverse people.


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What's occurring?

The Politics of Pronouns

What happens when we ask critical questions about take-for-granted uses of language? Pronouns in English, for example, serve as mere pawns in a larger system we call grammar. But language is bound by human issues of identity and power, and pronouns can have power to either change or propagate a cis-normative, Anglo-normative English language. I invite the audience to join me in exploring the role pronouns hold in politics, exploring concepts such as inclusivity, Western societal norms and their function to grant power to (a)gender diverse people.

Doors will open at 17:30pm and refreshments will be provided. The event will begin at 6pm. 

About the speaker

Navan Govender (he/they) is a lecturer of applied English language and literacy studies in Strathclyde’s school of education. Currently, their teaching and research involve exploring the relationships between language, literacies, and power through the fields of critical literacies and social semiotics. Navan is particularly interested in the ways that critical, queer, and decolonial approaches to meaning-making might reveal possibilities for more socially just and equitable educational practice in schools and higher education contexts.



Please email Strath Union's campaign coordinator with access or other requirements 

Event hosted by Strathclyde Students' Union


Tuesday 07 February 2023


5:30pm - 7pm


Level 8

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