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Thu 25 April 2019 14:00-17:00


2pm - 5pm


Strathclyde Sport - SSPE


HEARTSTART CPR (Afternoon Session)

Heartstart CPR Training: 3 hour workshop provided by the Scottish Ambulance Service for Sports Union Members. All applicants will be cross-referenced with the Sports Union database.

Strathclyde Sports Union is proud to offer members the opportunity to undertake the British Heart Foundation’s Heart Start course. This course provides participants with the knowledge & ability to provide the basic life support. Giving you the confidence and practice so that you can act when the worst happens. This course lasts around 3 hours and you will learn the following: Identifying a Cardiac Arrest – How it happens? What do you do? How do you get help? Undertaking CPR – Practical undertaking of the event using dummies. Unconscious, but breathing – Idetinfication & recovery position. Choking – How to successfully provide back blows and abdominal thrusts to clear the blockages. Why wait until disaster strikes you, your mates or your family before realising you needed this course? Do it now and get informed.

HEARTSTART CPR (Afternoon Session)

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