Want to get involved in what we do? Come to our AGM and see if it interests you.

This week is our AGM where we vote for who will make up our committee next year. Please see the list of available roles below. A detailed description of each role can be found in our consitution on our union page.

- President

- Treasurer

- Secretary

- Equity Officer

- Competitions Convener

- Socials Convener

- Schools Convener

- Sponsorships Officer

- Training Officer

- Ordinary Committee Member

- Development Officer (Restricted to former members who are no longer students at Strathclyde)

See you there!

As usual, both online and in person options will be available. To join online, buy a membership for free at our union page and the link will be sent to your university email account shortly after 5:30pm. 

Any questions about joining our society? You can join at any time, so feel free to message our Facebook page, or email us at strathdebates1@gmail.com with any questions.