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Pool tables and bar stools arranged in one of the Strath Union venues

We run events year-round where you can let loose, let go, just throw a couple shapes and put your skills on show.

What's occurring?


Language society at University of Strathclyde. Come join us to speak a language!

We will divide you into separate rooms/tables so that you can chat in your target language with new people :)

We introduced language tables. This means that for the large part of the meeting you will only speak with others who want to speak the same language as you.

Every week our members decide the next topics of the discussions. This way people can prepare beforehand and keep the conversation going

Everybody has a chance to present their language! it's followed by an interactive task/competition about said language.


Facebook: Strathclyde Language Café

Instagram: @strathlangcafe



Every Tuesday, 5-8pm, LT 412


Event hosted by Language Café


Tuesday 29 November 2022


5pm - 8pm


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