Coronavirus (COVID-19) &FAQs

Guidance and support

We are extremely excited to announce this event for all you creative and inventive artists! You can enter 3 different categories for a chance to win a prize of £40 :) Please make yourself aware of the rules and sign up using the form.

Deadline for submission is Sunday 7th March.

The winners will be announced on Sunday 14th March.

Sign-Up Form:


- Must sign up using the form to join the competition.

- Must add a brief description of your art. (100-200 words max)

- No inappropriate content or language included.

- Must be your own work - the drawing should have your name or signature in the corner.

- The art can take any form or be made on any platform (unless otherwise stated) e.g. Painting, Drawing, Photography, Play, or Graphical Representation.

- Your piece of art should be sent to the SUMSA email as a square image or video. (

- Full name must be included when sending the email.


Categories Explained (*One entry allowed per category*) :

Calligraphy: Write and decorate your favourite ayah or an expression of your own in a calligraphy style of your own. (Must be hand-drawn)

Tell a Story: Tell a story of your own or someone you know through a piece of art with your chosen platform.

(Could be an abstract piece)

Capture 2020: Represent your interpretation of the year 2020 from your own perspective or just in general.

Ramadan: Represent what Ramadan means to you.