Climate Strike Action

With only ~2000 working days left to prevent us hitting the 1.5*C warming point, it is long past the time that we started taking the climate crisis seriously.

This week I stood up in Strathclyde’s Senate meeting -home to 100 of the university’s top dogs – and asked them to show their commitment to the environment along side us this academic year.  I thought there was no better way to kick this off than to invite them to join us at the global climate strike on September 20th in Kelvingrove Park and George Square and I am ecstatic to report that this was well received by all!

Many senators confirmed with me that they would be attending, and many others were simply pleased that the issue had been raised, as although the uni is making some efforts in this regard it is just too little too late. I was moved to discover that so many individuals in our institution were so keen to get involved, and I have since discovered that all staff in the institution have been graciously granted 30 minutes to join in on the action! This is of course on the condition that the uni’s functioning is not impacted, but I’ve heard rumours that Friday the 20th is expected to be a slow day around the uni so I’m sure we’ll be out in force ??.

As a university, and as a society we have accepted small wins for the climate for too long. We have seen the university claim the newly installed heat and power system as our climate saviour as it reduced our carbon emmissions by 25% even though it is still run on gas. We have seen the installation of just enough solar panels across the new buildings on our campus to meet regulations -even though they contribute a miniscule amount of energy. We have seen extreme airmiles across all of our institutions for the purpose of conferences even though we now possess the technology to eliminate the need for this.

It is time we all move to action and start expecting more for our planet.

I am thrilled that we are making this step together as an institution, although this alone is not enough to sate my appetite for action. I am greatly anticipating this new agreement could bring. Hopefully us doing our part in Strathclyde will mean we won’t entirely fry the planet after all.


Join the march on September 20th leaving from the union at 10.30 or from Kelvingrove Park at 11.


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