Nominations open now! The University of Strathclyde Sports Union is the oldest student body on campus and provides student led representation for all sports club members.

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Nominations open now!

The University of Strathclyde Sports Union is the oldest student body on campus and provides student led representation for all sports club members.

The most important factor about the Sports Union is that it is run for students by students. Through a system of democratic committees each member has a voice as to how decisions are made. The role of the Sports Executive Committee is to:

  • Represent all students participating in University of Strathclyde sports clubs
  • Assist and enhance the promotion, development and organisation of Sports Union activities, events and initiatives


The Sports President is elected from the student body for a one year full-time (paid) position and is assisted by the Sports Executive, made up of nine elected student volunteers covering a range of positions. Please click on the below links to view Role Descriptions for each position:

Vice President

Finance Officer

Awards Officer

Publicity Officer

Club Sport Officer

Sponsorship Officer

Events Officer

Wellbeing Officer

Executive Officer


There are also several senior members of staff who sit on the Sports Executive Committee who are not students. Their role is to provide a voice for USSU at a senior university or Students’ Association and to provide advice and support of the students on council:

  • Head of Sport & Recreation – University of Strathclyde senior management team
  • Alumni Development Manager – University of Strathclyde Alumni Board


Nominations for the 2019-20 Sports Executive Committee are open until 10am on Friday 15th March, and should be submitted electronically to the USSU Office during this period.

Nominations Rules:

  • Candidates must hold a current membership of USSU
  • Candidates must be a current student during the academic year in office, preferably ‘on-campus’
  • Candidates may only run for one nominated position
  • Candidates must be proposed & seconded by two current USSU members

Click here to submit a nomination


The Sports Executive Committee is elected annually at the USSU AGM held in the last week of March. Each candidate (or their nominator) is give a two-minute slot at the AGM to endorse their manifesto for election. The Returning Officer will act as timekeeper and will warn speakers when there is 30 seconds left on their time.

The order of speeches is determined by the order of nominations received by the USSU Officer.

Method of Voting

As prescribed by the Sports Union Executive Committee and General Committees, the method of voting in all elections is that of one single transferable vote by affiliated Sports Clubs. This means that Sports Clubs are allowed one vote and will be required to record their order of preference by number when voting.

The results of the elections at the AGM shall be made known to the meeting by the Chairperson following close of voting.

If the votes are tied between the final two candidates the Chairperson shall have the casting and deliberative vote.

Election Complaints

Any student who wishes to complain about an issue relating to USSU elections (including the conduct of candidates) must do so via e-mail to the Returning Officer.

Complaints may not be made anonymously, but will be handled confidentially where possible; effective investigation may not be possible without revealing the identity of the complainant.

To be considered as an election complaint, a complaint must be submitted within 24 hours of the alleged incident having occurred, or come to light, and no later than one hour before voting closes in the relevant election period.

Please contact strathunion.vpsw@strath.ac.uk to view procedures relating to Election Complaints.



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