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Over the festive break, we have been working to transition the old Trip Registration form for activity out-with the UK, or rated high risk, to the Club Management Portal.

Please note we have now launched the Trip Registration function on the Club Management Portal. The Trip Registration form acts as a risk assessment for clubs planning activity and updates the University of Strathclyde of relevant student activity that is taking place. Furthermore, it provides Activity Leaders with a guide of what checks should be considered before departure.

All University of Strathclyde sports clubs should complete a Trip Registration form under the below circumstances:

  • Activity requires overnight stay within the UK
  • Activity is taking place abroad
  • All same-day activity categorised high risk by the University (e.g. Canoe, Mountaineering, Surf etc.)

The form should be completed at least two days before departure; consideration should be made to the following areas:

  • Activity Leaders – experience, knowledge, competency etc.
  • Security of the region
  • Country specific considerations
  • Insurance
  • Risk assessment
  • Number of beginners/novices
  • Itinerary and activity programme
  • First aiders and equipment
  • Medical requirements
  • Mode of transport

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Sports Union office.


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