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Power Press Coffee Partnership

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Strathclyde Sports Union have partnered with Power Press Coffee to provide University of Strathclyde students with performance enhancing coffee.

Power Press Coffee is a unique performance coffee company, specialising in getting you to the peak of your performance. By working closely with caffeine experts, they have developed three brand new coffees of different strengths for your training and competing needs.

Founded in 2018 by Strathclyde graduate and performance sport scholar Paddy MacHugh, Power Press Coffee has been developed by athletes and sports specialists with over 20 years of sporting knowledge, who know that it takes hours, weeks and year of grinding to get to the top. This is your natural pre-training performance coffee - coffee that helps you be at your best exactly when you need it.

Power Press Coffee are passionate about the science behind people’s day-to-day coffee. The start-up company has worked closely with the University of Strathclyde to determine the caffeine content in their coffee. The newest product, The Strongest, is a 100ml cold brew coffee that contains 125mg of caffeine per bottle. Research has shown that timely intake of coffee can have positive effects on your day-to-day life – whether it is powering out a gym session or getting through your day at work – we believe coffee consumed in a correct manner can be the key to success and overcoming the daily grind.

If you are looking for that extra boost, check out for more information. Members of Strathclyde Sports Union get a healthy discount on all products, so if you fancy placing an individual or club order contact Paddy on


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