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USSU has noticed an increase in the amount of vehicle accidents and damage to external hire bookings. Since September 2018 we have recorded 8 vehicle accidents, representing a substantial increase from the previous academic year.

The amount of claims being made by student drivers on the USSU insurance policy is having a negative effect on the premium which is liable to the University of Strathclyde Students Association. It is likely the cost of insurance for each a hire is out will increase, and as a result, this cost will be absorbed by any student club booking through USSU.

Student drivers who are involved in accidents and/or vehicle damage whilst driving a hire vehicle must inform their own insurance company of the details.  This is a legal requirement and will likely affect affect your own premium.

The excess of each claim we make to our insurance company is £350. This will be charged to the sports club or individual responsible for the vehicle when the accident/damage was caused.

Upon the recommendation of our insurance provider, from January 2019 all student drivers will be required to undertake online training through the AA Fleet Risk Manager as an added control measure to mitigate any risk.

For further information please contact Leanne Carnan, Sports Union Coordinator on

Click here to view the USSU Transport Policy.


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