Club Of The Week :- Language Café

Year Established:             2013

The Language Café runs weekly meetings where you can meet lots of new students from all over the world to practice languages, learn different cultures, or just have an informal chat over a free tea, coffee and biscuits. Meetings take place every Tuesday from 5 pm to 8 pm in the Livingstone Tower (room LT412).

Whether you want to study intensively or chill after a long day, the Language Café is for you! You can always relax and learn funny idioms and swearwords in a foreign language. (That's still studying, right?)

They organise quizzes every week, where we ask questions about different cultures and their curiosities; there’s even a chance to win fancy chocolate!

You can also play other games such as their multilingual Pictionary, where the first person who guesses what someone else is drawing has to shout out the answer in any language they want.

They’ve also got big plans for next semester with film screenings in a foreign language with English subtitles. Have you ever wondered how your favourite actors sound in another language? Their movie nights will give you the answer! They’re also aiming to introduce their own version of Scrabble during the second semester.

Everyone can sign up for the Language Café, whether you’re absolute beginners or completely fluent in the language you want to practise. The Language Café is a great place to meet international people and to make many friends.

The society is free of charge to join, however, they can’t guarantee that the language you wish to learn or teach will be available (i.e. there may not be any native speaker to teach you, or students to learn from you) but you can always relax and enjoy some free tea, coffee and biscuits.

Meeting new people and urging yourself to speak to them in another language can strengthen bonds. Many friendships started during their meetings, and some people even found their other halves!

To find out more on the Language Café, you can visit their clubs & socs page or follow them on Facebook.

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