Club Of The Week :- Strathclyde Foodsharing Society

Strathclyde Foodsharing society has one main aim: to reduce food waste within Glasgow.

Established in 2017, they have worked with various partners, including Greggs and Tesco, in sharing food which is surplus to requirement (past its best before or damaged but still edible). Every item of food which they receive is then redistributed to you, the students!

With a designated space on level 2 in the Union, students can come in and help themselves to what’s been donated; all totally free for students. They also have a book-swap shelf and they hold regular swap-shops; which students can swap clothes, accessory and other items.

All the work that they do aims to enlighten students across campus about changing the mindset about foodwaste in Scotland, as well as bringing everyone together and getting involved in their local community.

But their dedication and hard work doesn’t stop there. Currently, they are looking at creating a campaign that will focus on plastic waste, such as free plastic bags.

Everything that they do is free to get involved in. To find out more, visit their clubs and societies page.

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