Club Of The Week :- Strathclyde Pharmacy Society

Strathclyde Pharmacy Society aim to enhance the student experience for pharmacy students by organising events like pub crawls, quiz nights and career talks. Although most events are tailored, they invite any Strathclyde student to join.

Tell Us Five Fun Facts About Yourself:

1. There are 11 core committee members. There are academic, social, fundraising and sports sub-teams within the committee.

2. They have a Facebook Group, Instagram, Twitter and even a Snapchat account!

3. Their sponsor for this year is Distrikt! They’ve been incredible so far and hold student nights (Candy) every Thursday.

4. They host a range of events such as academic, social, sports and fundraising.

5. They have hosted 6 events so far this academic year, including a football tournament, a bake sale, a general night out and a quiz night!

Why do you think we should make you club of the week?

So far this year, the Pharmacy Society have hosted 6 events, which is quite an achievement.

They’ve held 2 fundraising events (a bake sale and a wear green/photo booth/raffle day), raising around £200 for Pharmacist Support’s #GoGreen4PS campaign.

The inter-year & lecturers football tournament, where staff and students were able to socialise through sport; got great feedback for it and there’s talk of a rematch next semester!

For 4th year students, they held an NES Night to inform them about the pharmacy pre-registration programme and to allow 5th year students to share their knowledge about applications, placements and third year in general.

On their social media, they’ve had retweets and likes from credible companies and pharmacists outwith the University. The staff in SIBPS have been incredibly supportive, as well as coming along to their various events.

Their committee members work extremely hard to organise these events and have done it successfully so far, even on top of their course workload!

Having received great recognition from the Union at last year’s Volunteer Award, they’re keeping the momentum going by becoming ‘Club Of The Week’!

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