Name the Walls: Union Art Takeover

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Sometimes when you step into the Priory, you feel… this place is so bland. Where is the personality? The identity? This university is far too diverse and exciting for our rooms to be plain and lifeless.

The idea of having a Union art takeover came up in the same way that most good ideas appear: around the table with a couple of beers. We are opening up the walls in Strathclyde Students' Union to be painted by students, staff and local artists with creative talent.

Why are we asking people to "Name the Walls"? We want to give our walls an identity through art.

We want our community to name our walls and in this way promote the community feeling of the Students' Union.

As many students know, the Union will be moving to another building in two years so it seems strange to ask students to come together and paint the building if we will be leaving it soon. To explain, the best comparison I can think of is a festival in Nevada called Burning Man. In this festival, artists create beautiful sculptures for the festival, and at the end of the festival, many of these pieces of art are burned. It’s a way to come together in communal celebration and then burn it all in a sense of renewal. 

I’ve already started creating my very own mural, depicting endangered animals with long necks. I thought this was funky and also quite meaningful to get people thinking about the planet and conservation.

Come together to “Name the Walls”: celebrate the past and present and look forward to an exciting future through art.

You can paint anything as long as it is not offensive or inappropriate. You can even paint a poem or a quote if you like.
If you would prefer to sign up and paint something with a group of friends that is also possible. 

For more information and to submit a proposal, visit our opportunities page.


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