Strath Union Trials Re-Usable Plastic Cups

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Strathclyde Students’ Union are leading the way on creating a more sustainable space around campus by trailing re-usable plastic cups within the bars.

The re-usable cups will reduce plastic wastage of single-use plastics that are currently being used in the Union’s bars.

During the trial, students will be asked to make a £1 deposit at the bar, which you’ll get back when returning your cup. The initiative is being trialled in partnership with NUS Scotland to help reduce plastic waste, which is damaging the planet.

Bringing in re-usable plastic cups will also have financial benefits towards the Union when compared to buying in single-use plastic cups.

Sustainability is one of the key strategic priorities at Strath Union and we aim to put Sustainability at the heart of the Union. We will ensure that our products, goods and services have minimal impact on the environment.

To take part on building a more sustainable Strathclyde, you can volunteer to become part of the Union’s Green Team.


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