Strathclyde Emergency Accommodation Free At The Point Of Use For Students

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Emergency accommodation will now be free at the point of use for University of Strathclyde students.

Strathclyde students who suddenly find themselves homeless or fleeing an abusive household will receive up to two weeks of free accommodation in the University halls.

Covered by the Emergency Housing Fund, students will not be expected to complete and submit a full application to the fund for the service.

The accommodation reserved within the campus’ halls can accommodate two students, where the University’s Student Financial Support and Strathclyde Students’ Union’s Advice Hub will provide support towards longer-term accommodation and meeting financial needs.  

Alongside emergency accommodation, an additional six-bedroom flat within the University’s halls has been reserved for students seeking medium-term temporary accommodation for up to two months. Though students staying in the temporary provision will be charged the standard rate, they may be eligible for financial support from the Emergency Housing Fund or other hardship funds, to help them meet the costs.  

The new change, which takes immediate effect, comes from one of the key manifesto points from the elected Strathclyde Students’ Union President, Mat Crilly. Matt has been working with the University over the summer to creating a safety net for students, while also shining light towards a campus that focuses on taking care of its students.

Matt Crilly, Strathclyde Students’ Union President, said: “This provision will be a massive help to students in the most vulnerable positions. It will go a long in helping students going through a difficult period in the lives. Having the accommodation automatically free will be a significant stress relief for students who will no longer worry about how they are going to finance a safe place to stay.”


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