Strathclyde Wins Glasgow Taxis Cup

The Glasgow Taxis Cup has returned to Strathclyde.

The Glasgow Taxis Cup is Scotland's biggest inter-varsity competition. The multi-sport event that sees more than 600 athletes from Strathclyde, Glasgow and Glasgow Caledonian University compete across a number of sports throughout the city in a quest to be crowned Glasgow's top sporting university.

In total, 20 sports were competed in across 10 locations in the city. From football, netball and swimming, the long hard-fought day saw Strathclyde and Glasgow University neck and neck in a 46-46 tie across all competitions. However, after the Netball event, Strathclyde scored a countback of a 9-8 victory eliminated Glasgow University’s eight year winning streak.

A full list of results can be seen here.

Strathclyde Sports Union President, Alex Brock, said: “For the first time since 2010, I am proud to announce that the Glasgow Taxis Cup has returned home to Strathclyde!

“I cannot express how amazing this year has been as your Sports President and seeing our students win the Glasgow Taxis Cup has been the icing on the cake!

“This could not have happened if it wasn’t for the hard work of the Sports Union Staff, the hours that our Strathletes have put in training over the year and for the support from everyone at each of the venues. Thank you all again for making my year!”

Sport Development Manager, Fraser Michie, said: “It’s an absolute joy that the Strathclyde has won this year’s Glasgow Taxi Cup. Our teams and staff members have put so much hard work and dedication towards the day, and it has certainly paid off.

“Strathclyde really do bring together a number of talented individuals, so here’s hoping that next year brings the exact same.”

#Results list

Sport                     1st                          2nd                        3rd

Athletics              Glasgow               Strathclyde         GCU

Badminton          GCU                       Strathclyde         Glasgow

Basketball (M)   Strathclyde         Glasgow               GCU

Basketball (W)   Glasgow               Strathclyde         GCU

Cross Country    GCU                       Glasgow               Strathclyde

Equestrian          Glasgow               Strathclyde         GCU

Fencing              Glasgow               Strathclyde         GCU

Football (M)       Strathclyde         Glasgow               GCU

Football (W)       Strathclyde         Glasgow               GCU

Hockey (M)        Strathclyde         Glasgow               GCU

Hockey (W)        Strathclyde         Glasgow               GCU

Netball                 Strathclyde         Glasgow               GCU

Rugby (M)           GCU                       Strathclyde         Glasgow

Rugby (W)           Glasgow               Strathclyde         GCU

Snowsports        Glasgow               GCU                       Strathclyde

Swimming           Strathclyde         Glasgow               GCU

Tennis                   Strathclyde         Glasgow               GCU

Trampoline         Glasgow               Strathclyde         GCU

Volleyball (M)    Strathclyde         Glasgow               GCU

Volleyball (W)    Glasgow               GCU                       Strathclyde


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