Students Urge University To Stop Investment In Fossil Fuels

Students from the University of Strathclyde have approved a motion to urge the University to stop investment in companies linked to fossil fuels.

The motion was passed at the Student Parliament session held at Strathclyde Students' Union earlier this week.

Strathclyde University is the only University in Glasgow to not initiate a disinvestment plan with fossil fuel companies. Stated within a Freedom Of Information response from the University, their investments in fossil fuel companies represent 9% of the their total investments of £42.4 million.

The motion was put forward to coincide with the University's plan to make their investment portfolio more ethical and as well as a commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 25% by 2020 within their strategic plan.

Sara Cowan, Vice President Volunteering & Development at Strathclyde Students’ Union, said: “It is fantastic that students are in favour pressing our University to move towards investment that does not contribute to climate change. Universities have been leading the way in the divestment movement and it’s heartening to see that Strathclyde students could be involved in adding Strathclyde to the list of Universities in the UK that has divested! This motion has brought a good group of us together who are passionate about divestment. We got in touch with People & Planet and had a great workshop led by a student involved in the divestment movement at Aberdeen University. This workshop got us excited about our next steps and the conversations we will hopefully be able to spark”

Louise, a student involved in Divest Strathclyde added, “This is an important and positive step towards divestment at the University of Strathclyde. It’s wonderful to see the Student Union recognise the importance of a fossil free society for the welfare of their students and the wider community”

The full motion to divestment from fossil fuels companies can be read here



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