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Together Against COVID : A Message from the Student President

Kayla-Megan Burns

Dear Strathclyders, 

I fully acknowledge that this is a challenging time to be a student and stories in the press certainly do not help. Yes, we are students, but we are also just the same as any other citizen and the spread of this virus is not our fault and students should not be scapegoated, the context that we’re in is truly challenging. We have returned to our campuses to resume our studies as instructed and want to get on with this through this semester as safely and successfully as possible. 

I know many of you are working hard to follow the rules and guidelines laid out by the Scottish Government and the University and I encourage you to keep doing so; use your face coverings when you have to do so, and wash your hands. We are in this for the long haul and it is going to be very much a marathon and not a sprint. Perseverance, resilience, kindness and compassion are all going to be so important as we pull together to get through this. 

Help us to help you make the most out of this situation. While we’re asking you to refrain from house parties and gatherings, we’re also asking for you to help make this as good an experience as possible for yourself and other students. Stay safe, but join in with our virtual freshers, do something kind for a new neighbour, or let us know if you have a good idea to get some community spirit together while staying socially distanced, even if it's just something silly like throwing water balloons from windows or tin cans on strings between flats! We want to make sure you have as full a student experience as possible whilst staying safe and well, both mentally and physically.

Society needs to work together as a whole in order to break transmission. We want students to take pride in that role by doing all that they can to keep themselves and others safe, while still embracing student life and working together creatively to get the most of this situation. 

I would like you to work with me and the rest of the Student Executive to come up with creative solutions that we can seek to implement online and around campus to help us get through this and fill the gaps which normally would be filled by things like parties and gatherings. 

How can we decorate our windows so that they beam out messages to each other? Can we develop new initiatives that can help to entertain those living in halls whilst still following the guidance? Let’s do this together, and protect our community while embracing the situation that we’re in. I really want to hear from you and you can contact me at Stay safe.

Key Points

  1. Students are not to blame.
  2. Students were invited back to resume their studies by their institutions and in line with SG guidance on the understanding that it was safe to return to campus.
  3. Students are anxious and fearful, and we need to help calm fears and support students. 
  4. Students are doing their part, on the whole, and working to follow the rules and the guidance. 
  5. Only by working together can we break transmission and we need to encourage students to play their part in this along with the rest of society.
  6. Provide opportunities to crowdsource innovative solutions and ideas that can help alleviate the boredom, build community and prevent larger gatherings. 

How can students help?

  1. If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, self-isolate and book a test immediately
  2. Download the Protect Scotland app on your mobile phone
  3. Follow the Test and Protect advice and advice from your institution. If you are asked to self-isolate you must do so for 14 days
  4. Don't have house parties