MSA November Newsletter: MSA Committee Recruitment, Christmas Dinner & Membership Feedback Survey

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Hello MSA members! 
We would like to take this opportunity to provide updates on what we've been working on for you all! 

As some of you may already know, we are organising a Christmas Meal for all of our members so that we can all finally meet in person!


Date: 22nd December 2021

Venue: TBA (once we have definite numbers for attendance).

Tickets: £5 or FREE for 10 lucky individuals who fill out our membership feedback questionnaire (more info on this in section 2.) 

Dress: Formal and informal dress is welcomed - whatever you feel the most comfortable wearing is fine! 
You can register your interest in attending the Christmas Dinner here, stating your preferred time (lunch or dinner). Once we have confirmed numbers, we will contact attendees via their Strathclyde email with more information on the time, venue and meeting arrangements.

2. Membership Feedback Survey

What is the questionnaire for?

We would like to hear from our members on what they liked about the MSA this year and what you think could be improved/changed. We want to hear your ideas on how to make the MSA feel like a home away from home; a place where everyone feels comfortable studying, socialising and relaxing.

Perhaps you think the facilities in the MSA could use an upgrade, or maybe you have concerns about COVID safety measures impacting your experience at the MSA. Even small things like nicer coffee, more comfortable seats or fresh paint on the walls are valid concerns to raise!
If there is a particular kind of support that you feel you and/or fellow MSA members would benefit from that is not already available – this is your opportunity to make your voice heard!
On this note, we would like to take the time to thank the MSA members who have continued to engage with us by coming to us with concerns and suggestions for improvement. Your feedback is our framework! This brings us to our next item...


3. Mature Students Association Committee Recruitment Opportunities

We are very excited to announce that we will be recruiting new committee members! If you are interested in putting your name forward, please indicate your interest in the feedback questionnaire so that we can contact you with more information. :) 

Why Apply?

We are looking for mature students who have a genuine passion for helping others and wish to apply this to taking part in facilitating the smooth running of the Mature Students Association at Strathclyde.

All of our committee members have a dedicated role, but we work as a team to ensure that all of our members get the most out of their MSA. As a committee member, you will have the opportunity to help fellow committee members facilitate MSA events and support services. We encourage those who enjoy being creative and working with others to apply. This is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills as you learn how to effectively work with others.

The main focus of the MSA committee is to be a conduit for representing mature students at Strathclyde by facilitating support services such as the provision of the MSA physical space and social events. Being a mature student can come with some unique challenges, and we are looking for mature students (21+) from all backgrounds to put their names forward in the interest of creating a diverse committee. This is with the aim of being able to provide the right support to each of our mature students.

Volunteering on a student committee is also an excellent opportunity to develop a range of skills that will help you navigate the world of employment once you graduate – making it a great addition to your CV! Upon logging your hours on the Strath Union volunteer section, you can request a certificate detailing all of the hours and work you put into your role! You can find out more information about this here.

Strath Union will be providing committee training next semester to provide students with the tools they need to take part in running a committee while studying at university. You can find more information on this here.




4. Questions/Concerns:

If you would like more information or clarification on any of the items discussed above, please don’t hesitate to contact the MSA via email (, or via one of our social media platforms which are listed here on our website.


Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you all at the Christmas Dinner! 

- Love from all of us here at the MSA Committee ??


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