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Last updated: 7th Sept 2021 13:41 - For the latest updates from the University of Strathclyde please check HERE.



Please visit out Community Immunity Campaign for the latest information on Vaccinations and COVID-19

The safety of students as they return to, or join, our campus is a priority and we wish to clarify, as simply as possible, the actions students can take to ensure safety for Strathclyde’s campus community. 

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Uni FAQs 


COVID- 19 Building Closure March 2020

Thank you for bearing with us during this unprecedented situation. Following the University decision to cease face to face teaching, we are now able to confirm that the Union building will be closed with effect from the end of the day on Monday 16th March (today). All Union services, wherever possible, will be delivered digitally from Tuesday 17th March 2020 and all events planned to be held in the Union building have now been cancelled. Staff will be onsite closing the building down until the end of the day on Tuesday 17th March 2020 with all staff working from home after this point. 

Please note that the Strathclyde University Muslim Students’ Association (SUMSA) and the Mature Students Association (MSA) will also be closed from Wednesday 18th March 2020. 

We understand that you may have questions and we have pulled together information below that we think you might be looking for. We have updated our website with FAQs and contact details. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us by email if you have any questions. Please note that our answers might take slightly longer than usual but we are working through all the queries as fast as we can, and we will get back to you. We also urge you to follow government advice and self-isolate if you show any symptoms of COVID-19 (including a cough or a temperature above 37.8).

From Tuesday 17th March, the below services will be accessible online:
Advice Hub, if you wish to book an appointment, please follow this link: 

Further details will be forthcoming in the days ahead with regards to clubs and societies, volunteering, sports and other areas of the Union and we would advise looking out for announcements on our social media channels. 
In the meantime we have prepared a set of Frequently Asked Questions which we will continue to add to but we hope to help answer some of your questions in the meantime.


Strath Union FAQs 

Advice Hub: 

Q. I have an assignment due on Friday, what should I do?   
A . Currently it will be expected that students submit their coursework by their normal deadlines. However, if you are feeling unwell or think that you may not meet the deadline then you can request an extension directly with your department. We also recommend you submit a Personal Circumstances form immediately. 


Q. I have no money as my employer has no hours for me and I can’t pay my rent. What should I do?       
A.  Don't panic, eviction is not a quick process. It may be worth speaking to your Letting Agent/Landlord first to ask if they can be flexible. You should then speak with the Student Funding and Financial Support Team about applying for potential financial support funds. We will help you through this process so please contact the Advice Hub directly. 


Q. I am worried about how to pay for or access food. 

A - Please get in touch with us and we can discuss what options you have and the potential for emergency support. 


Q. This situation has really impacted my mental health and I need someone to talk to.        

A.  this feeling is understandable during situations like this and there are some great online and telephone resources out there if you feel unable to leave your flat or you can’t get an appointment with your GP. Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123 or you can find details on coronavirus and your wellbeing on the Mind website 


Clubs and Socs:  

Q. What is happening with society events?

A. All events due to take place in the building are cancelled. We advise you to also cancel any society events you have scheduled in other venues. This includes any trips, both domestic and abroad.


Q. What will happen with payment requests

A. Payment requests might take longer to process, so please send us your payment request at least 5 working days before the payment deadline. Make sure to attach your receipts and check that all the information you’ve included is correct to avoid further delays.


Q. What will happen with refunds and financial commitments 

A.For any financial commitments you have already made (paying for venues, catering, transport,  instructors), we encourage you to check their cancellation policies and contact them first to see if you can be reimbursed, or if your booking can be postponed to a different date. Unfortunately, we are not able to make any financial contributions to your budgets to make up for any financial losses.



We advise you to contact the organisation you’re volunteering with to check that they are still keeping their doors open and continuing to provide their services.

Q. What can I do to help?

A. If you are not self-isolating: We are organising a group to help with essential supply runs for vulnerable people. Please get in touch with Marcus O’Shea if you’re interested in helping: If you are self-isolating: You can volunteer online! We will be sharing a different online volunteering platform every day on


Q. Is the Union Tree Planting Event going ahead?

A. The Tree Planting event on 21 March has been cancelled. We will schedule another event once it is safe to do so (and when it works best for the young trees). Those who have already signed up will get the chance to sign up first and will be guaranteed a place on the trip.


Q.I have signed up to volunteer at an event. What should I do?

A.Events with over 500 people will be cancelled as per Scottish Government guidance. A lot of smaller events are all issuing cancellations in the interest of health and safety. Check the organiser’s website and social media for notices, and if you don’t see any information, get in touch. If you are concerned about your own health and safety, or the health and safety of those around you, please do not attend the event. Let the organiser know as soon as possible that you will not be able to volunteer. 


Q.I have a regular volunteering shift at my community organisation. Can I still attend?

A.You can still attend if the organisation is keeping their services running. Get in touch with your contact person to check. However, please follow the current advice and self-isolate if you show any symptoms of COVID-19 (including a cough or a temperature above 37.8), especially if you are working with vulnerable people.

Q I have signed up to a workshop or training session through the Union. Will this still take place?

A.No face to face workshops will go ahead. However, we will be in touch with all registered attendees to send you some online resources. We will contact you again once the workshop or training session has been rescheduled.


Student Exec


Vice President Sport: 

Vice President Community: 

Vice President Inclusion: 

Vice President Welfare: 

Vice President Education: 

All Student Exec: 


Q.Are the Student Exec still contactable?

A.Yes we are!  On email and social media, there might be an increased volume of messages but we will do our best to get back to everyone in due course.



Q.Where can I find your contact information?

A.We are all here: 



Q. We’ve arranged a meeting, how will this go ahead?

A. If possible we will move the meeting to an online service: Skype, Zoom etc.  



Q. Do you have information about exams?

A.At the moment we are chatting with the Uni and will send out an all student email once we have further information.





Q. Are sports clubs still running?

A. We have recommended all sports club suspend all activity until further notice but as Strathclyde Sport is still open some clubs may continue to train. Check your sports club Facebook page to see if your club training is till on.


Q.Can I still organise club trips and tours?

A.No, from today all club trips will be cancelled including bus bookings. We strongly recommend all club trips abroad are cancelled immediately.


Q.Are BUCS fixtures still happening?

A.All BUCS fixtures and individual competition have been cancelled up until the end of March. 


Q.What should we do about our club AGM?

A.If possible AGMs should be held online, the Sports Union will issue further guidance on this soon.




Q.Will Student Parliament be going ahead?

A.Unfortunately not, all events within the Union have been cancelled as per Scottish Government guidelines.  We will look to get this up and running again as soon as possible including online options.



Q.I have an idea for policy and want to submit.

A.You can do so here: or email: 


Q.When will the new full-time Student Officers start?

A.The current Student Officer do a hand-over in June 



Q.What is happening with NUS Conferences?

A.  NUS Scotland Conference is taking place online, you can find info about this event at and about NUS UK Conference at


Q. When will Strath Union’s AGM be held?

A. This has been postponed and will likely take place in Autumn 2020.


Food and Drink 


Q. When will the bars be open?

A. Currently, we do not have a set date for re-opening any of our bars or cafe until further notice. 



Q. I have an event in one of the bars, is it still going ahead?

A. No, all events have been cancelled across the Union.






Q. How can I contact my Class Rep?

A. Your Class Rep’s information is available via MyPlace.


Q. We need support for course related issues, who can we contact?

A.You can email Andi, Eyram and the team at and they will do their best to help. You can contact VP Education, Eyram Ahadzie, directly at 


Q.Who is my Faculty Rep faculty reps?  


HaSS - 

Science - 

Engineering - 

Business - 



Q. I have a specific course related question regarding assessments etc?

A. You’ll need to contact your course coordinator to get this information. 




Key Contact Information


Strath Union Advice Hub 


The Strath Union Advice Hub has now moved online. You can contact them directly here:  



Support and Advice for Students


University Support services remain open and available to students as normal.   If students have any particular queries or concerns the Health Advisor within the Disability and Wellbeing Service can be contacted by calling the Disability & Wellbeing Service on 0141 548 3402 or emailing


International Exchange/Mobility details  


If you have not already been in contact with us, or if there has been a change in your circumstances, please do contact us for further guidance. 

Tel: 0141 548 2992 – open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (GMT)


International Student Support 


International Student Support

+44 (0) 141 548 4273

Adviser drop-in - Tuesday and Thursday, 10am-1pm


IT Support 

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact the IT helpdesk at: or telephone 0141 548 4444.


Report and Support 


It is the responsibility of all staff, students, visitors and contractors to conduct themselves and interact in a fair and respectful manner at all times. Unacceptable behaviour including discrimination, harassment, victimisation or bullying will not be tolerated. Any inappropriate behaviour such as verbal or physical harassment, or other actions that make you feel unsafe can be reported using the online Report and Support facility.



University FAQ’s 


For specific questions relating to the University please see their Frequently Asked Questions. 


Department Contact Details


Humanities and Social Sciences:


Strathclyde Business School:


Other Useful Contacts

Senate Appeals and Discipline:  (Senate Appeals),  (Senate Discipline)

International Student Support Team:

Student Financial Support Team: 

CPAG Advisers Line: