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Let's break down the Elections!


Thinking about standing in the Student Elections?

Worried about running a campaign? Not sure what they are? We're here to help so let's break down the Elections. 

What are Elections?

The Elections are a big part of the year as they determine who is going to be representing students throughout the next academic year. Executive Officers are elected to lead the Union and they represent student views.

They are another way to become involved with the Union, much like being part of a society or sports club. Whether you've got experience running a society or sports club, are a member of one or have never participated, if you have ideas to make the university experience easier for folks you've got the base of your campaign.

How involved you get depends on what you decide whether you stand for a position, support someone who is standing or cast your vote. As an organisation which centres the student in all our work, we want you to get involved any way you feel most comfortable and experience what university has to offer outside of studying.

As an Executive officer I learned new skills and experiences that prepared me for the big world out there. I made a difference to so many people's lives which led me to become the first Refugee elected Councillor in Scotland.

Roza Salih, VP Diversity & Advocacy 2013/15

Why should I get involved?

You'll have a direct say from changing policy at the University, Strath Union or on a national level, to getting more microwaves in the library, all changes make a big impact.  Plus you're involved in university meetings negotiating to improve student experience and collaborating to create new opportunities for students.

The positions provide valuable skills to strengthen your CV. Some of these skills include teamwork, negotiation, professional writing and financial decision-making. The Union will also provide a variety of training in areas like finance and marketing to help you in your role.

The skills and training can all be used when applying for jobs and provide you with work experience to draw from in applications. There are lots of personal development opportunities including leading events and campaigns throughout the year too.

You'll also become a trustee of a charity, ensuring that all the decisions taken by the Union are putting the needs of students first. This first-hand insight into what's involved in working in the charity sector is a unique experience helping you to stand out when applying for jobs.

What roles are available?

There are 23 roles in total which icludes 6 full-time sabbatical positions, known as Executive Officers. These are full time jobs with an annual salary and require you take out time from your studies.

The rest of the roles are voluntary part-time positions, known as Non-Executive Officers, receiving honoraria payments of between £600 and £1000 and can be done alongside your studies.

Employers consistently tell us they are looking for candidates who can demonstrate a positive attitude and aptitude for work. We know employers absolutely value the wide range of skills elected Officers gain.

Anna Selwood, Senior Careers & Employability Consultant

Can I participate?

If you are a registered Strathclyde student, you are eligible to participate. If you are unsure get in touch with the Democracy team to ask any questions you have.


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