Exec 2021 Christmas Wrap Up

The Student Exec share their annual summaries heading in to the Festive Break

The student exec with Manish Joshi

Ahead of the 2021 festive break the Strath Student Exec each took a bit of time to tell us about their year so far, plans for next year and offer well wishes heading in to the festive break.  Check out the messages below.


Benn Rapson, Strath President



Kirsty Bannantyne, VP Sport



Lewis McDermott, VP Welfare



Nesha Malone, VP Inclusion



Ru Wallace, VP Community



Savvina Kritharidou, VP Education


The exec then sat collectively with Strath Union CEO, Manish Joshi to discuss the year to date, highs and lows of the role and discuss next years Spring Elecition.  You can check that out on our podcast page or YouTube channel