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Extraordinary Student Parliament Update

Read the approved Student Parliament Statement below!

Mandela Meeting Room

Student Parliament met for an Extraordinary meeting on Tuesday October 12th to discuss Strath Union's membership of the National Union of Scotland (NUS).

During the meeting Student Parliament approved the following statement:

“Strath Union is concerned with the current direction of the National Union of Students (NUS) following a period in which NUS has undergone significant structural reforms. In particular we have grievances over the significant reduction in resources and staffing within NUS Scotland, as well as the lack of clear democratic structures within the organisation. In addition to this, we believe that NUS UK’s long lamented democratic deficit has grown following reform and that NUS UK does not adequately represent the interests of students studying in Scotland nor student unions within Scotland. Student Parliament has met to discuss this and mandated the Strath Union President to discuss these concerns with NUS, as well as enter discussions with the President of NUS Scotland, and other relevant stakeholders, to ensure that students in Scotland have a national union that is fit for purpose.”

You can fiind more about Student Parliament as well as the minutes for the Extraordinary Student Parliament meeting HERE soon.

Want to contribute to the conversation? Come to Strath Union's General Meeting on Thursday 21st October and be a part of the biggest democratic meeting at the Union.