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Beware of this Housing Scam

We have been aware of students being targeted by fraudsters who are using a fake Certificate of Ownership to pretend they are a landlord. The Advice Centre at the University of Glasgow’s SRC wrote an article on this scam back in 2014, meaning this sophisticated scam has been running for 8 years. 

You may be a target of this scam if you have been:

  • Contacted via Facebook Messenger and asked to WhatsApp the ‘landlord’
  • Sent a ‘Record of Certificate of Title’ document and a passport photo of the ‘Registered Proprietor’
  • Asked to send deposit money to someone of a different name who they claim is a ‘lawyer’

How can you avoid being the target of a scam?

The best way to determine whether something is legitimate is to make sure the property’s address is registered on the Scottish Landlord Register. You can do this by searching the property’s postcode in the Rental Property Postcode section on the Landlord Registrations Scotland website.

When you select the address of the property, the landlord or letting agency that you are in contact with should appear under the registration details for the accommodation you’re looking to rent:

If the address is not listed, the following message will appear:


If you have any questions about accommodation, please get in touch with the Strath Union Advice Hub by emailing them directly