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No Detriment Policy Confirmed!

We know that you all have been very anxious about getting the No Detriment Policy reinstated for this year –  it has been a tough few months – however, we are beyond relieved to tell you that we have now had it confirmed by the University that they will be implementing a new No Detriment Policy, for all levels of study, covering this whole academic year.

The exact wording of the policy won’t be available for a little while longer, as it is still being developed, but we hope to have something to share in the coming weeks, however it will be ready in time for the exam boards and will cover all of your work within semesters 1 and 2!

We really valued getting all of your input into what should be accounted for in this policy, and we brought every comment and suggestion with us into University meetings and thankfully they were all well received. As a result, this policy should consider the impacts of:

  • Student parents

  • Student carers

  • Students with young people at home

  • Studying conditions

  • Additional challenges completing group work

  • Time zone differences

  • Lack of library opening hours

  • Difficulties with device sharing and connectivity

  • General additional difficulties with life/studying due to COVID

As the new No Detriment Policy continues to develop, we will ensure that it is robust and meets the needs of all students. We continue to value your feedback and experiences, so if you have an experience to share, or suggestions for what should be covered by the policy - please do get in touch!