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Social Bite x Strathclyde Union

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Social Bite!

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Social Bite and Strath Union! You can find a selection of food in the Recharge fridge, all money goes to Social Bite to support their mission to end homelessness.  

"At Social Bite we believe in great food that keeps on giving, we are very excited to have Strathclyde University Student's Union joining the movement to end homelessness in Scotland by making their lunch count. Choosing our delicious food is a really easy way to join us in providing homes, opportunities, meals and community for those who don’t have that. Change can begin with a sandwich (and a smile).  Thanks for joining us in ensuring everyone in Scotland has a safe place to call home!"
Jane Bruce, CEO Scotland, Social Bite.

Jane with VP Community (Kayla-Megan Burns) and VP Inclusion (Rachel Cairns)

We couldn't be happier to be involved and the food is amazing!  Drop in to Recharge and sample for yourself, although it's constantly selling out so be quick!

Check out their website here -