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What is StrathReps?

Learn more about StrathReps!

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StrathReps are an essential link between the student body, Students’ Union, and the University. Their role is to collect feedback that will help make positive changes at programme, department, faculty, and university level at the University of Strathclyde. 

So, let’s get to know what and who your StrathReps are and who you can go to if you are looking to provide feedback on your experience at the University of Strathclyde. 

Vice President Education

Our current VP Education, Arran Lamont, is a full-time elected officer who deals with all matters relating to the learning and teaching experience of all students. Arran has big plans in his role as VP that are mentioned in his episode of the Strathclyde Union Podcast. If you have any ideas for a change or campaign that could be successful in improving the academic experience of students, get in touch

Programme Reps

Programme Reps are volunteers who function as a liaison between students and academic staff members. These reps gather views and feedback from students in their class and inform lecturers directly at Student Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs).

How do I contact my Programme Rep?

Most students can find their rep details through the StrathReps section of the Strathclyde Mobile App. These Programme Reps work closely with Faculty Reps, ensuring a two-way communication to and from students about all issues affecting students’ learning.

How do I become a Programme Rep?

Rep elections are held in the Strathclyde Mobile App at the beginning of each academic year. Each year we train and support almost seven hundred Programme Reps, each of whom can further the involvement of the student voice in the learning process.

This year's nominations open on Tuesday 27th September at 12:00 noon and close Monday 3rd October at 12:00 noon. If you're eligible to vote the option will be available on the app on Wednesday 5th October at 12:00 noon and close Thursday 6th October at 12:00 noon. 

Faculty Reps

Our Undergraduate and Postgraduate-Taught Faculty Reps are volunteers elected to represent the views of the students within their faculty. These reps sit on various committees and work closely with their Vice Dean Academic to express the student voice. 

How do I chat to my Faculty Rep?

You can find the email address for your Faculty Rep within the Strathclyde Mobile App within the StrathReps tab.

How do I become a Faculty Rep?

Our Faculty Reps stand for election within the Strath Union Elections with vacant positions contested in the Winter (November) or Spring (March) elections. Faculty Reps serve for a period of twelve months and the position is open to anyone who has the passion and drive to further the student voice and aim to improve the overall student experience.

What are PGR Representatives?

As a PGR representative, you play a crucial role in shaping the PGR student experience at your Department, School/Faculty and University level.

As a PGR Representative your purpose is to, help create solutions to problems by represent your fellow students’ views and opinions on all matters relating to research, supervision, and the facilities in your research environment. 

As a PGR you provide feedback to relevant staff, for instance, your PGR director, your PGR administrator, and your Head of Department, acting as a form of communication between PHD students and staff.

Being a PGR representative to your department counts towards developing your personal and professional skills. You can also have this role contribute towards your PG Cert in Researcher Professional Development if applicable.

For a list of PGR Faculty Representatives from the Doctoral Researchers Group (DRG) click here

If you would like to become a StrathRep but feel as if you wouldn’t know where to start take a look at the Rep Resources page here!


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